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Hiii FriendsAs you all know that today I'm going to publish my first post on this blog, So at first let me introduce myself. My name is Manoj Paul & I’m a 23 years old Blogger from India. Blogging is my passion and I created this Blog because here I am discussing latest Gadgets, Mobiles, Softwares, Games, Blogging Tips & Tricks, Latest News and few factors that make me passionate about blogging and I am sure that if you are a passionate blogger or reader, you might feel the same. So friends In this post I’m going to tell you that how to share your Internet Connection via Wifi without any software in windows 8.

What u need for Sharing Internet connection via Wifi

  • One Windows 8 Loaded Laptop or Pc
  • One Wifi Device
  • One Internet Connection in your Pc or Laptop
  • One Internet Accessing Device  [ Wifi enable Mobile Phone, Tab or Laptop ]

How To Setup & Share Your Internet Connection

  1. At fisrt go to your Desktop & click right mouse button on My Computer icon and then click Manage option.
  2. Now in the left pane click Device Manager & now click Network Adapters & find your wireless adapter there.
  3. When u find the wireless adaptor then right click on the Wireless Adapter & click Properties.
  4. Now go to the Power Management tab and make it sure that you have unselected the options “Allow the computer to turn of this device to save power” & “Allow this device to wake up the computer” then hit ok.
  5. Now press Windows + F key in your keyboard & Click on the Apps option and type cmd in the search box and press Enter.
  6. Now cmd appears on the left pane, right click on it & select run as administrator and then select Yes option.
  7. After you have opened cmd then write the following command & hit Enter button in your keyboard.
  8. netsh wlan show drivers
  9. Now look for the thing mentioned in the below screen shot that whether it’s written yes or no. If it’s yes then you can enable the wifi hotspot and u can share your internet connection.
  10. Now if u find Yes then don't close the cmd & type the following command for create Wifi Hotspot.
  11. netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=MyHomeNetwork key=123456789
  12. The above line is the command to create the hotspot & now replace “MyHomeNetwork” with your desired network name and replace “123456789” with your desired password which will be used by the others to connect to the Hotspot.
  13. Now press Enter and your hotspot will be created & go for Start the Hotspot.
  14. Now type the following command in cmd for Start the Hotspot.
  15. netsh wlan start hostednetwork
  16. Now press Enter and the hotspot will be discoverable by the other devices as well.
  17. All Right, everything has been done and now you only need to share your laptop or pc internet connection, so that any user connected to the hotspot will have the internet access also. For this reason you will need to open the windows networking and sharing center.
  18. Press Windows + R key in your keyboard & type ncpa.cpl and hit Enter button.
  19. Now here open the Properties of the connection which you want to be Shared with the Hotspot.
  20. Now right click and open the Properties of the connection which has the Internet access & is the original internet connection of the laptop or pc, whether it’s a dialup, Local area network or anything like that.
  21. Now go to the sharing tab in the Properties and then tick the “Allow other network users to connect through this pc internet connection” and in the drop down below, select the hotspot connection which is “Local Area connection*11” in my case and then hit ok. 
  22. Now re-dial the connection or reconnect the internet connection if needed.
  23. Now Scan Wifi Network in your Mobile, Tab or Laptop  & connect using the password. That was it and you are done
If you can’t still share the internet then the reason is firewall or antivirus, try disabling the firewall if you trust the person with whom you are sharing the hotspot then disable the firewall or antivirus.

If you face any problem, then leave a comment below and if you get this post is helpful then kindly share this post on your network or social network sites. Thanks for visiting my page.
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